Lisa Devaney 

Lisa Devaney is a self-taught contemporary artist, writer and publicist. She has been creating bright, cheery, colourful paintings since she was a child. Lisa was born in 1967 in Maine, New England and moved to Long Island, New York when she was four years old. She spent a lot of time in urban environments but it was summer camping trips, back in the 70s, with visits to the Adirondack mountains that gave her a love of nature and joy to be outside.


Nature in art is a recurring theme in her artwork – from painting botanicals, to landscapes and seascapes. However, she have lived for many years in urban environments – New York City, and now London, in the UK, and she often depict the views she sees from the windows of her home in her paintings and drawings, in East London’s Hackney. She is greatly drawn to bright colours, thick texture, and the desire to paint mostly from observation of what she sees around her offering her interpretations and impressions of what she sees – often in stylized forms.


Lisa has more than two decades of experience as a publicist, with a consultancy called the Hai Media Group.


She is the author of a cli-fi book called In Ark: A Promise of Survival, available on Amazon. From time-to-time she has been a spoken word performance artist.

Lisa Devaney

Photo credit: Fi R Backhouse

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