Meet the founders 

These three 'mumpreneurs', who live near each other, founded e9makers in 2017 having met through their children. 

   They are all practising artists and they recognised that there was a spirit of creativity locally that could be harnessed by forming a collective that could support and motivate them alongside their individual family commitments. 


Natalia Charogianni, above left, creates jewellery collections that often include unique found objects which ensures her work is highly individual and also the subject matter often relate to the natural world. 


Fi Backhouse, above centre, is a photographer and is as likely to apply her images to t-shirts and bags as she is to her photo blocks. 


Lisa Devaney, above right, is a self-taught artist who has amassed a large collection of botanical studies using sharpie pens and has spent hours patiently painting small pictures that are a big hit with the local children. 

Photo credit: Steve Cook 

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